My own freedom


At the beginning of 2017 in January, I fell in love with a boy. He had black hair, long fingers, and he liked playing the piano. He’s also pretty good at playing it too. I did a lot of thing’s to catch his attention. He started to notice me, he even talked to me too. I told him I liked him and we continued to talk as if we were in love. As time passed he got bored of me and wasn’t too sure if he wanted to commit to a relationship. So it ended like the passing seasons. The person I loved went to the piano every morning at school. So I made sure to go at lunch time where no one played the piano. It always brought me joy when I needed it most. What I didn’t notice is that I fell in love with the sound of the piano, not the person. Whenever I play the piano or listen to the sound of it. I always say ” I found it, I found my own freedom”. This is my first time blogging so some of my words are pretty bad. hahaha. Thank you for reading my first post. It means a lot to me.